Tree Surgeons

At Gristwood and Toms we have over 40 years’ experience providing a comprehensive range of tree surgery and contracting services.  We are widely recognised as the largest, most capable and experienced specialist Arboricultural Company in the UK.  We provide a national service, operating from eight regional depots and we directly employ over 170 qualified arborists, from apprentice level to Consultant.

Our contracting services include:

Expert Tree Surgeons

All services are delivered by Gristwood and Toms’ directly employed and qualified personnel. As an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor we possess all relevant industry certifications and accreditations. We are fully insured.  In addition to this, we have achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, BS OHSAS18801 and NHSS18.  Accordingly, we have the unique ability and the resources to undertake the most challenging of operations, regardless of scale and complexity.

All risks associated with work are identified by carrying out a site-specific risk assessment, and managed by the use of appropriate safe working procedures.  All tools and equipment used by our operatives are checked for safety and are serviceable and fit for purpose.

Trees in any location might be protected by legislation (tree preservation orders) or codes of practice (NJUG guidelines to avoid damage to trees during installation of underground or overground services).  Substantial penalties can be incurred for contravention of legal protection.  TPO’s have the effect of preventing the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilful damage or wilful destruction of trees, other than with the consent of the local planning authority.  In conservation areas, trees of diameter greater than 75mm, measured at a height of 1.5m, are automatically protected.  Even when no specific legal protection exists, it might be necessary to obtain a felling licence or consent under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997.

Gristwood and Toms can liaise with the local planning authority and manage all applications for tree work on your behalf.

All tree climbing operations are conducted in accordance with the Working at Height Regulations 2005 and follow the safe working practices detailed in the HSE document AFAG 401 – Tree-climbing Operations.

All lifting equipment is provided and maintained in accordance with LOLER 1998 and PUWER 1998.

Gristwood and Toms is the contractor of choice for local authorities, highways agencies, inland waterways and commercial organisations across the UK.  If you would like help managing your trees, contact us on 08358 731 500 or by email and we’ll be pleased to hear from you.


Consultancy Service As well as our tree surgery services, we also provide a consultancy service.  We deliver professional advice for commercial customers and landowners such as tree safety assessments, planning applications or evaluating subsidence risk.