Tree Surgery

We care for the trees that improve your environment.

Gristwood and Toms can undertake any arboricultural operations that may be necessary, regardless of scale or complexity. All pruning and felling operations are carried out in accordance with British Standard BS3998, Approved Codes of Practices (ACOPS) and the Arboricultural and Forestry Advisory Group, of course our staff are fully qualified.


Sometimes, the need for tree pruning work is self-evident.  In many circumstances, however, there is a need for a tree survey and inspection to be carried out by an expert.

Pruning is the removal of living or dead parts of the tree.  Such parts may be soft growth, twigs, branches, limbs, parts of the tree’s trunk (aerial growth) or parts of the tree’s root system. A wide range of aims and objectives can be achieved through tree pruning. Such objectives may relate to the structural integrity of the tree, the safety of people and property, access obstruction or light and aesthetic value.

Our work includes formative pruning, lifting, thinning, crown cleaning, crown reduction, reshaping, wildlife assessments and conservation dead wooding. 


Despite best efforts, there are occasions when a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons. It may be due to infection or rot or it may be leaning dangerously near to cables, highways or rail track.

Naturally, planning consent is required before protected trees can be pruned or felled. Where required we will check for, advise on and submit applications to the local planning authority in relation to work involving trees under Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and within Conservation Areas.

Our tree surgeons all hold the relevant National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) certificates for chainsaw use.

All tree waste is cleared by trained grounds staff and taken away for recycling leaving the site in a clean and safe condition.