A healthy environment is essential for the survival of our planet and a diverse tree population is vital to water and air quality. Trees help to regulate the climate and provide an invaluable wildlife habitat. A major challenge for today’s society is to manage human demands on land, soil and vegetation without adversely affecting the ecosystem.

We take our responsibility for environmental stewardship seriously. We believe that, like every company, we should play a constructive role in helping to address the challenges facing our environment. As the UK’s largest specialist arboricultural company we have a particular duty to ensure that the work we carry out on trees is performed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) informs the way we work every day. Each year we are externally audited to ensure compliance. We work closely with our clients, industry partners and local communities to promote the environmental benefits of trees and we plant in excess of 5,000 trees each year.

Prior to any work commencing, trees and their surrounding areas are assessed for the presence of protected species, some of which are subject to season-specific legislation. We plan our works in order to limit any potentially negative impact on all wildlife. 

We encourage our clients to use watering bags on newly planted trees. The water is slowly released directly on the root ball of the tree greatly reducing run off and wasted water.

With the support of the government Gristwood & Toms established North London’s first official wood fuel hub. Here we ensure that all arisings produced as a by-product of our operations can be converted into wood fuel. This means that all wood material is used effectively, none is wasted and none is sent to landfill.

The majority of the woodchip we produce is used to generate electricity. We have negotiated several contracts with buyers of premium grade woodchip for use in the new generation of low emission bio-mass boilers. We currently contribute in the region of 50,000 tonnes per year to the production of renewable energy. We also provide woodchip to the paper and composting industry, supply good quality wood to local carpenters.


We are committed to:

Complying with all environmental legislation 

Continual improvement of air quality and prevention of pollution.

Promoting environmental principles throughout our supply chain.

Maintaining open communication links within the company, with its customers and the with the general public in regard to environmental issues concerning our operations.

Recycling all of our reusable wood.

Ensuring efficient use of energy, water and other natural resources.

Operating our business in the most environmentally beneficial way.