Gristwood and Toms provides a comprehensive consultancy and surveying service, with full UK coverage. You can engage us with the
complete confidence that we will respond quickly and at short notice if necessary. Our national network of full-time consultants and a
rapid turnaround of your report in days, not weeks, avoids unnecessary delay to your project – saving you hassle, time and money.
We deliver friendly and professional advice for commercial customers and landowners such as tree safety assessments, planning applications
or evaluating subsidence risk. We also provide professional tree consultancy services to local government authorities, including the supply
of qualified tree officers and we are entrusted with the complete management of urban tree populations.


Our range of services include:

  • Development Site Surveys
  • Planning Applications
  • Subsidence Mortgage Reports
  • Our Consultants
  • Tree Audits and Hazard Surveys
  • Tree Decay Detection
  • Veteran Tree Care

From single trees to entire boroughs and even national property portfolios, our professional team of consultants will provide you with fast,
reliable and professional tree advice. Our national team of arboricultural consultants are directly employed and educated to the highest
standards including BSc Hons and Masters Degrees and are committed to continuing professional development.