Pests and Disease

Britain’s trees are facing an unprecedented threat from a range of damaging pests and diseases. Many of these have entered the UK from overseas suppliers as a result of the increasing demand for semi-mature trees and shrubs.

Despite the import controls in place, pathogens can be tricky to detect. They can enter in the soil of potted plants, or as larvae/eggs laid on plants before export. Some diseases are thought to have entered Britain in the form of wind-blown spores. This of course makes the diseases extremely difficult to contain.

While our Government and the scientific community continue to search for effective methods of management, leading arboricultural companies such as Gristwood and Toms are engaged in a daily battle against pests and diseases. We are working closely alongside organisations such as the Forestry Commission, Defra and the wider forestry industry to contain, control and manage the impact these pathogens can have.

Where outbreaks do occur, Gristwood and Toms have the expertise and resources to provide a rapid response to safeguard our national trees. Whether you simply need advice or you have specific concerns about the health of your trees, contact Gristwood and Toms for professional and reliable advice.