Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

stump-grindingOnce trees have been felled within the urban environment it is usually necessary to remove the remaining tree stump and this requires specialist machinery and trained staff. Gristwood & Toms have a wide variety of stump grinding machines that can work on any site and on any ground conditions.

Our work includes:

Underground Scans

Where there are concerns about underground utilities like pipes, cables and drains, Gristwood & Toms use the latest cable avoidance technology to ensure safety and avoid damage to utility infrastructure.

In addition, the company has invested in the Mala Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) System.  This is the most technically advanced GPR system on the market and we use it for large area radar mapping and subsurface object identification, including mapping tree roots and utilities. The MIRA system enables us to quickly generate a 3D map of the utilities. Not only are the utilities located efficiently and with maximum detection rate, accurate location and depth is also recorded for future reference.

Very few arboricultural companies have access to this sophisticated equipment.

Restricted Access

Tree stumps can be removed from any situation, from urban highways to forest plantations and even from seemingly inaccessible spaces like small back gardens and courtyards. Most stump grinding machines are designed with accessibility in mind. Some can be separated from their track base and then carried safely through properties.  Others have retractable bases so they can gain access through narrow spaces, whilst still retaining the power of large stump grinders.

Recreation Grounds & Golf Courses

Gristwood & Toms have experience of working in places where ground disturbance can be an issue.  We have low impact machines with a ground pressure of 3.2 psi. These are ideal for areas such as golf courses or manicured lawns. Gristwood and Toms is particularly sensitive when working in areas of aesthetic beauty, such as parks or the grounds of historic stately homes, and will ensure that minimum ground disturbance occurs and all waste is removed and recycled.


You can be assured that all stump grinding operators are fully trained with a minimum of three years experience. Operators are National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) certified and are externally trained in the use of underground service and cable detection equipment.