Tree Hazard Surveys

polyporus squamosus 4The presence of trees close to people and property pose an inherent risk, but due to the many and significant benefits that trees provide, it is important to adopt a common sense approach to tree risk management. The legal duty of care to manage this risk falls on the landowner who must ensure that a competent person carries out a periodic inspection of the condition of their trees.

Whether you have one tree or 10,000 trees, we can provide you with a robust inspection programme to enable you to meet your duty of care. We have a vast amount of experience in surveying trees and recommending any works needed to mitigate the inherent risk.

If you are worried about the risks posed by trees on your land and your legal obligations, our trained consultants can advise you on managing those risks to an acceptable level. As tree experts, we shift the burden of responsibility from you, as the tree owner, to us as the professional advisors.

We use all the commonly available tree management programmes and can carry out a survey bespoke to your requirements. We undertake survey work for Local Authorities, private business, large land-owners and private domestic clients, and we survey more than 150,000 trees annually. Our consultants can provide:

  • tree surveys for private homeowners and domestic gardens
  • tree surveys for schools
  • tree surveys for colleges and universities
  • tree surveys for nurseries
  • tree surveys for golf courses
  • tree surveys for woodlands with public access
  • tree surveys for estates
  • tree surveys for landowners
  • tree surveys for developers