Subsidence Mortgage Reports

general-2Trees are a vital part of our environment and confer a wide range of benefits. However, trees can also cause problems that require careful management, including direct and indirect damage. These are assessed as part of subsidence claims and mortgage reports.

The risk of subsidence varies across the UK, and careful assessment of the site, soil conditions, vegetation and type of damage is vital in assessing the risk of tree related subsidence damage. Subsidence damage ranges from minor cracking to severe and costly structural damage.

Gristwood and Toms are experts in tree related subsidence investigations. We have five members of staff trained to carry out subsidence, direct damage and mortgage reports. Our expert consultants will produce a Tree Subsidence Report, which will assess the likelihood that trees are the cause of the problem. The report will also detail recommendations for any work necessary to minimise or eliminate future subsidence issues.

We currently deliver this service as part of our unique client function for the management of the tree stock within the London Borough of Waltham Forest. In addition, we work closely with some of the biggest insurers, loss adjusters and engineering companies in the UK, providing assessment and recommendations for work to help reduce risk to an acceptable level and prevent further severe damage to property.

If you think you may be experiencing subsidence related to tree roots, please get in contact with us and we can offer you friendly and professional advice.

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