Planning Applications

general 6Trees on development sites are essential factors which must be carefully considered early in the planning process. The British Standard BS5837:2012 provides guidance and best practice as to how trees should be considered on and around building sites, especially in relation to any planned development.

Gristwood and Toms carry out affordable Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA’s) on construction sites that inform interested parties of the effect that the proposed development may have on existing trees. Conversely, the report will also consider the impact that retained trees may have on the future development, including shade and light levels, leaf litter, fruit fall and of course, the future growth potential of retained trees.

To ensure that retained trees are not damaged during the construction phase, we will provide practical tree and root protection plans and oversee arboricultural method statements. The Local Authority may issue fines or order the works to be stopped if the development actions are likely to cause damage to trees. Our Arboricultural Method Statements will ensure that any planning restrictions or conditions applied to trees on site are met, balancing the requirements of the Local Authority with the practical needs of the developer.

We have extensive experience of using ArborCad to provide clear and concise plans and drawings to show the position of trees to be removed or retained as well as the location of root protection zones.

In addition to offering advice and guidance on the management of trees on building sites, we can apply for consent to carry out works to trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) as well as those afforded protection within a Conservation area.