Defining Great Customer Service

Companies can talk all they like about outstanding customer service – but the simple truth is, companies don’t give good customer service . . . . . people do.

In fact more often than not, it isn’t the big things and the grand gestures that result in a delighted customer.  It’s the little things. More accurately, it’s an accumulation of several, consistent, positive actions and behaviours, that transforms a customer into a loyal advocate for your brand.

A short while ago we received a letter from a customer who took the time to write to us and explain how delighted they were with the service they received from Gristwood and Toms. We receive many such letters, but this one in particular stood out. For us, it defines what great customer service is really all about:

  • It demonstrates the power of treating every customer equally, no matter how small or big the job may be.
  • It reveals the importance of listening and empathising with the things that are really important to the customer, even it that means taking more time and going the extra mile.
  • It shows the significance of living up to your promises and making every job, your best job.

We’ve shared this letter below because we are proud of it. But most of all, we are proud of the four members of our team that exemplified what great customer service is all about – and this deserves recognition. Well done and thank you to Jim, Rob, James and Adam.


Dear Mr Toms and Mr Gristwood,

I would like to provide you with some really positive feedback on the Services provided by your team of tree surgeons during recent tree works.

We contacted your offices on 1st July and Mr Jim Mead came to review the tree work required on 3rd July. Even though the tree work was only pruning two trees, Mr Mead took time to really understand what we wanted.

In particular, one of the trees overhung our next-door neighbour’s garden who had just had a new lawn laid and requested that your Tree Surgeons did not walk on their new lawn.

Mr Mead’s quote arrived promptly including the Local Authority checks and we accepted your quotation.

Your three Tree Surgeons (Rob, James and Adam) arrived at the agreed time and date of 18th July.

Rob led the team and again took time to run through the work required with me and in particular the requirement to ‘keep-off’ the next door neighbour’s lawn even though one of our trees overhung their garden.

Your team took real care pruning our trees. No chainsaws were used and they spent considerable time standing back looking at the trees and undertaking a final prune to ‘get them just right’.

I viewed their end result with Rob and asked for a few more branches to be pruned near my neighbour’s garden. Rob was more than happy to oblige and I really felt he wanted me to be totally satisfied with their work – and we were!

They left our neighbour’s garden without a single leaf on their lawn and two trees pruned to match our initial expectations as agreed with Mr Mead.

Please could you convey our thanks to all four of your team who provided such a first class service.

We will be recommending Gristwood and Toms to everyone we know.

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